Stopped by on a prompt from Addie. Very nice tunes man. Was very impressed by whole band. A Magick unit.

it's a pleasure hearing your music that remind me the evning in reggio calabria .I can feel in your music , your heart coming out .Keep on goin like this giving people happiness.....bye bye

Hi, remember me I'm the guitar player you've met in Taormina (Sicily). Congratulations on the beautiful jazz music, you're always very good. Best regards from Taormina.

Dear Mr. Corn,

Did you provide a master class at the Third Street Music School Settllement? If so, would it be possible for me to obtain your biography for a brief report.

Thank you,


Love your site. Love you too


cool site man. good talking to you, were we gonna get up about some shirts? let me know if you wanna get a logo or something going
skribe studios

Paul! Ha, I was going through some summer things of mine and I see this website scribbled on a piece of music. So, I was wondering how you are and thought I might say hello. I've been making lots of music lately all over Miami and have a band called Something That'll Make Your Momma Smile. You actually said that over the summer, thought you might find it interesting. Anywho, hope all is well :)

So, I've found the man who's unforgettable. I'm back in Brooklyn for good and if you can give me 30 mins or so of your time to talk and recollect, I'd be a happy man.

Hope everything's been well, it does look so from this side of the screen.

Email me!


thanks for your hard work and faith in IZ. He\'s loving playing under your guidance. I hope the concert went well tonight and that tomorrow\'s clinics are fruitful. Please get Eddie together with your drummer. He can play.


Stephen Burns

Hey Paul,
I hope the concert went well. I had a such a great time playing in the big band and the small band. I especially loved your tune, power of the human spirit. I was wonedering if you wanted to send me an mp3 of that chart and any other of your original pieces at
Thankyou so much and I hope to come back next year,

Hi Paul,

Im your long lost cousin now living in Florida, your music is great. Reminds me of my childhood with our family, Your Mom asked me to look at your site, your very talented and I will visit it often. You must be an inspiration to your students, I'm so happy to hear your music!

Love your sound - thought you would be interested in a new cool website dedicated to underground/street artists and musicians in NYC. Please check it out at, it's pretty damn cool.

We officially launch in August, but you can fill out a form to know when it's officially launched.

Thanks and let me know if you have any comments or questions!

Hello Mr. Corn,

My name is Robert Pinnisi and I am one of Mr, Worsdale's students, in the ISO Symphonic Band and the Third Street Jazz Ensemble. In September, I will be attending St. Joseph's College and will be joining their jazz ensemble. I wanted to know if any of your music was available for purchase because I would love to introduce it to the ensemble at St. Joe's. Thanks and please get back to me.

Hey Mr Corn! i go to Wagner, and i went to the last concert where you guys played with Selim Washington and OMG that concert was AMAZINGG!! omg i meann BEAST BEYOND COMPARE!!!
but i especially love that song "V" omg its SOOOOOOO GOOD!! AND SO PRETTY!!!!! i love it! im listening to it right now, and ive been listening to it everyday since my sister showed me that you have a website! i wanted to know if/ where i can get a downloadable version of "V" i wanna put it on my iPod, but idk if its on youtube to downloadd! id really love if i could download this song its beautifull. thxxx and you rockk!! and WagnerrrJazzBandd rulessszzz!!! <3333 baiiii (:

mr.corn i am a student a wagner and i am in the drama department, I went to the recent concert and I really enjoyed it, I was wondering if there was a copy of the open leter song you played because that song was really pretty and I would like to put it on my ipod

Wow!! Awesome site, amazing sound and absolutely gorgous photos - starring an outstanding talent -- and I have the honor of working with him!!

Paulie!!!!! you are invisible!! we love you-Jen and Danielle

hey paul. i was telling my friends about you and your band and they're interested to hear you play. we were wondering if you have any gigs coming up?

Hi Paul,

It's Mara from NY1 News. I met you when I did a story about the Metropolitan Opera viewings at Wagner HS. I'm actually writing because I am putting together a charity event during the last week of August for people who were left homeless by Hurricane Katrina. We're doing a New Orleans themed party and we're looking for a jazz band to play at the event. Would you be interested in something like this? If so, please e-mail me back and we can discuss it more. Thanks.

Love what I hear. Great!! Addie sent me a pik of you with Pharoah as I am going to see him this eve at Yoshis in San Francsico. Gonna be cool. You got to meet the man. One of the last of the Mohicans.
Keep me inforned and maybe someday when i am in NYC will see you play.
Best from the west
maybe someday will do some art for you

some recent stuff i did
NO DESOLATION: New Orleans After Katrinaa book of photo collaborations of La Nouvelle-Orléans
Mark Erickson Painting's Tilt Vision

That song V is so good it makes me forget how to spell.

In a very rare moment for me, I am speechless.

How the hell are you?????? miss you lots!!!! everytime I hear a song played on the cable station that has a sax with good tunes I think of you!!!! stay well handsome xoxoxoxoxo

all the craziness of the Facebook universe was worth it just to get back in touch with you. i'll be tapping my pencil all day to your tunes. we'll get together soon. Ho visto che` hai stato in Sicilia. Ho una casa a Castellamare Del Golfo, puoi venire la prossema volta che ci vado. Ci sentiamo da presto.

Hey Paul, Had a free night and i came across your site. Looks Great! Glad to see your doing well. I dont pick up my horn as much as i should.. but just wanted to say thankyou for all the work you have done to help students with music. I know i am not only speaking for myself when i say that the lessons i learned from both you an Larry Laurenzano have had a huge impact on me. Hope to hear you guys play sometime when we are visiting NYC.
The Pollio Family
Daniel, Sarah , Aaden(our 12 month old son)

hey mr. corn! the site is amazing! The music, the pictures ... when i get back to ny im definitely gonna go to one of your gigs ^_^

Hey Paul, Great Sounds. We met at The Caribbean Bar in Ocaen City this past summer. I was the piano/guitar player that was performing there on Tues. afternoons. Send me your eamail address and I'll add you to my update list. Also if you're on myspace add me as a friend at

Stay well and keep giving the gift away,


Ehi Paul, do you remember me?I play acoustic guitar, we played together in Taormina last August.
Very good musician ,man ;-) Visit my page
Keep in touch, Edoardo.

Hello Mr. Corn,

Hows things been? Great looking website. Do you know of any other gigs coming up after the October? I will be coaching the womens team down at George Mason University.

G'day mate, great i can tell people here in Australia to go and listen to me play. Keep it up man. Must come listen to you play one day.

Hey Paul - we are at an internet cafe near the Pantheon but brilliantly forgot to carry your card with us when we left our hotel this morning. We are planning to get wine and dinner somewhere in the neighborhood and wondered if you would like to join us. We have a cell with us, if you are able to call: 202-281-9073. Hope we have not missed you, but if so, safe travels and see you stateside!

Hey Paul,

It's Amy - Taormina vetern. Love the music and the website. Will email you the pix!

CORNY! come back camp is boring haha.

Awesome sounds love the music well produced

Hey Mr.Corn! I love your website! The music is amazing and some of the songs bring back good memories. keep doing what your doing cuz you do it well : )

So proud of you buddy! Hope all is well.

fantastic site almost as good as your performances!!!!!
what a pro!!!!!

Hello Paul,
Bravo!!! ongratulations! Put me on your maiing list. I will try to get to NY to hear you. Regrets for this evening. Do you play in Boston, or New England?
Love, Lori

Hey Mr.Corn! Heard your band did pretty well at NYSSMA congrats! Still love listening to The Lil' Bit! Hope to see you at show soon!

Great site! I would expect nothing less from you! Neil Liebman

Hi Paul!
Hope to check out your gig on 5/31. It'll be great to see you again!

Hi Paul it's claudine! I met you at the Restoration Plaza performance for Jazz in Central Brooklyn. Thanks so much for the interview and I love the song hopless Romantic. I wrote my college paper about it.!
Thanks and wishing you much success!
Claudine from (MEC CUNY)
P.S LV your web page!

Just saw your website for the first time, its awesome . =)

Hey Paul, I finally got a chance to listen. Gotta tell ya, I really enjoyed it. I can tell that Coltrane is one of your musical influences. Sounds great. Let me know if you have any upcoming dates.

- Denz

Great site! Thanks for sharing!

Great Site. Love the pics and the music...

Hello Mr. Corn,

How've you been?
I was wondering if you were going to perform at a club somewhere in Manhattan again? If so, can you please tell me? Marlon, Evelyn, and I have been wondering as well as other people too.

Thank you.
K. Liang

-Sorridente is awesome.

So I was randomly googling people that I know, and lo and behold here you are :) So, paul, Im saying hi and happy holidays, and have a wonderful break
Great website by the way

nice stuff paul! where's your myspace?? I'd like to upload it onto my ipod for a better listen. seems ballads are your specialty. all the best. talk to you soon,

I spoke with you at Jimmy Max when you were trying to set up a regular weekly jam session. Decided to check out your website.

Hi I just had gig with student his name is Sherif.
I was walking Bay Ridge andI heard nice drum, Sherif was plying drum and I talked him.
I am singing Jazz too. My myspace is
See you

dearest paul,
I was randomly listening to your music and i discovered a song under woody shaw titled 'isabel the liberator'. it reminded me very much of 'the power of the human spirit'. it has that same drive. so that's one. two is: uzbek has no "c" in it. big no no- it comes from Uzbekistan- no c, see? and the last thing is: a request: it would be a delightful pleasure, i'm sure, to hear you play the clarinet. so could you? would you? huh huh huh?

Paul, Your stuff is awesome. Makes me want to use some in my choreography. Haven't seen you or Zach in way too long and it was great to see your mom and dad tonight at a Passover seder at Sharon's. Gonna try and score Yankess tix through your mom - let's all go together. I'm really proud of you and what you're doing. Love - your cuz - Brian

Hi, the music is OUTSTANDING but some of the photo's are to dark.
Thank you...

Hey Paul,
I don't even know if you still remember me or even if you check this site, I stumbled across this site and wanted to say hi and all that. But if you don;t remeber, you taught me at fort hamilton, and I graduated in '04. This site is actually quite awesome. and the music is amazing, but that's not really an original statement.


so proud to know you young man, way cool.